Conference day one

Friday November 9th, 2018 

The Friday conference on the 9th of November is a series of guest speakers from Government, Technical, trade and universities to highlight the future in Electric Vehicles in Australia, also to be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre, aimed more specifically to those that wish to gain more technical knowledge of Electric Vehicles. 

With so many new technologies emerging and old technologies evolving, there are many topics of interest included in this years' conference. Topics of interest will include Government plans for electric vehicles, home builds, battery technology, and charging technology.  

With the following speakers already secured include (subject to change):

  • QUT
  • Griffith University
  • USQ
  • Tritium
  • Magnaflux
  • Australian Electric Vehicle Association
  • Dr Chris Jones - battery technology
  • Bryce Gatton
  • Chargepoint
  • Francesco Digoro - Converting a motor bike to electric
  • Michael Lunn - EV North - Car Conversions from ICE to nice

with many more currently being reviewed for sessions.

Want to be a speaker? Email us today with your bio and topic at 

 Dr Chris Jones and his EV Racing Bike

Dr Chris Jones and his EV Racing Bike