Tas e-Ride: 4–8 November 2017

5-day e-bike ride from Hobart to Devonport

We made it! Thanks everyone - a totally inspiring group effort. It will take us a little while to put together all the fantastic photos and videos taken during the ride. In the meantime enjoy the videos of our departure from Hobart and arrival in Devonport. For more photos see Facebook pages from Jack, Peter and AEVA, and listen to ABC interview with Neville and Clive. 

A group of electric bike riders will ride from Hobart to Devonport in the leadup to the national 2017 Electric Vehicle Festival. Apart from the fun, the ride is about publicising e-bikes as a reliable mode of transport and showing that electric vehicles are about more than cars. [download media release: 27 Oct]

The 383 km route will take us up the East Coast and via Lake Leake, with overnight stops in Triabunna, Swansea, Campbell Town and Deloraine.  Late registrations are still possible. If you are interested in riding contact Jack Gilding - details below.

Events along the way

We have scheduled a number of stops along the way for locals to meet the riders and find out about electric bikes. Please join us. [Download events flyers]

Hobart: 8-9am Sat 4 Nov. Ride departs from Mawson concourse opposite the replica hut. Ride launched by Lord Mayor Sue Hickey at 8:45am. Peter Gee from ABC TV will join the ride from Hobart to Sorell.

Sorell:  10:30-11:00am Sat 4 Nov. St George’s Square rotunda, near the Visitor’s Centre. Peter Gee from ABC TV will join the ride from Hobart to Sorell.

Triabunna:  9:30-10:00am Sun 5 Nov. Join us at the Marina.

Little Swanport: Sun 5 Nov. BYO lunch and join us at Gumleaves around midday.

Swansea: 4:30-5pm Sun 5 Nov. Join us at the Visitors Centre.

Lake Leake:  Mon 6 Nov. Join us for lunch at the Lake Leake Inn.

Campbell Town:  4:30pm Mon 6 Nov. Join us Valentine Park in the centre of town.

Cressy: 12:30pm Tue 7 Nov Cressy District School, lunch and presentation to students (not a public event).

Deloraine:  Tue 7 Nov. Join us for dinner at Cycles Café, Empire Hotel.

Deloraine: 9am Wed 8 Nov. Meet the riders outside the Empire Hotel before we set off on the final leg to Devonport.

Railton: 1-2pm Wed 8 Nov. BYO lunch and Join us and Kentish Mayor Don Thwaites in the park on the corner of Foster St and Kimberly Rd.

Devonport: after 4pm Wed 8 Nov. The ride will be welcomed by Steve Martin, Mayor of Devonport, at the Waterfront Function Centre, 17 Devonport Road, Miandetta.

Devonport: 10am-2pm Sat 11 Nov. Electric bikes will be on display at the Shannons Insurance Electric Vehicle Display at the Roundhouse Park on the Devonport waterfront.


We will have two support vehicles (one of which is electric), which will be able to carry a limited amount of luggage.

Sat 4 Nov Hobart to Triabunna with a stop in Sorell. Includes a backroute from Sorell to Buckland via Nugent. After Buckland we are on the Tasman Highway (A3) for the rest of the day. 85 km
Sun 5 Nov Triabunna to Swansea with a stop in Little Swanport. All on the Tasman Highway. 55 km
Mon 6 Nov Swansea to Campbell Town with a stop in Lake Leake. This leg involves a significant climb (700m) to Lake Leake and rapid descend into Campbell Town 77 km
Tue 7 Nov Campbell Town to Deloraine with a stop in Cressy. This is the longest leg but avoids the Bass and Midland Highways completely and involved relatively flat back roads. 103 km
Wed 8 Nov Deloraine to Devonport with a stop in Railton. All back roads avoiding the Bass Hwy 63 km
383 km

You can view the route  at https://ridewithgps.com/routes/25398803


Riders have a range of accommodation options, you can camp, have a bunk in a shared cabin or book your own room. If you want to stay on for the EV Festival, see the accommodation page for options in Devonport.

Other rides

Riders with limited time availability are welcome to join us on the last leg (Deloraine to Devonport). On Saturday 11 November a group of riders from North West Tasmania will ride from Turners Beach to the vehicle show. Some riders might also bring their e-bikes from Melbourne on the Spirit of Tasmania.


This is a voluntary non-profit activity. We will charge $20/day to cover some of the incidental costs. In addition you will need to cover your insurance and accommodation costs, and to contribute to shared dinners if you wish to participate in these.

More info

If you have any queries or would like to help with organising the ride, please contact Jack Gilding jack.gilding@backroad.com.au  (0407) 486-651.

The Tas e-Ride 2017 is organised by the Tasmanian branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, supported by Bicycle Network Tasmania and sponsored by TasNetworks.

e-bike riders in Mawson Place (and Tim's Fonzarelli electric motorbike in the foreground)

e-bike riders in Mawson Place (and Tim's Fonzarelli electric motorbike in the foreground)