Self Drive Holidays

AEVA is planning self-drive holiday packages to suit various electric vehicles.  When ready we'll post them here.  If you'd like to be kept updated, join the Tas AEVA facebook page, or ask to be on our mailing list as per the Contacts page.

Group Tours

Self-drive holidays can be taken at any time by yourself, but for a very special experience join one of our group tours commencing at the conclusion of the Cradle Mountain Charge.  These will be great fun with a range of EVs visiting places that EVs have (possibly) never visited before!
The group tours will all start on the 13th of November at Cradle Mountain.  The three tours will be designed to finish up at Devonport so you can board the ferry for the evening sailing on the following dates:
19th of November
26th of November
1st of December
We don't have reserved spaces for these sailings, and the ferry can fill up quickly, so make sure you book as early as you can!
You can plan to join and leave the tours whenever you want, so you don't have to stick to the exact dates mentioned.

While you are here you may need help finding somewhere to charge!  The Tasmanian AEVA branch recommends as the place where most chargers are listed.

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