Self Drive Holidays

Tasmania is small but compact, there is plenty to do without having to travel very far.  Perfect for electric vehicles!
AEVA have created some holiday plans for low range (think Nissan Leaf) or long range (Tesla) vehicles.  These are suggestions only, we have not driven these trips.  Use our trips as a basis to plan your own self-drive holiday.

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We have nine tours, three each of durations 1, 2 or 3 weeks.  The duration is in the name, such that tour 1a is a one week tour.  You don't need to stick to the suggested timing or route, pick and choose where you want to go using our suggestions as a guide.

There is a map below for each of the suggested trips.  Click on the button top-right of the map to expand it to a full page.  It can be a bit difficult to show the full complexity of a journey on these maps, for clarification see the text document linked above.  Note that many of the stops are for several days to enable you to explore the local region.

One Week Trips

1a (low range) and 1c (long range) are both on the North-West coast.  Experience lush farming areas, unspoilt forest and the rugged west coast.  A tour of Woolnorth will be a highlight, with its wind farm, dairy and wool farms, aboriginal heritage and early settlement buildings.
1b is for low range vehicles, centred on Launceston and travelling the northern wine-growing region.  Be on the lookout for spring berries, cheese factories and the lavender farm.

Two Week Trips

2a is a more in-depth tour of the North-West region for low range vehicles.  Experience the spectacular temperate rainforest of the mountainous West.  Learn some early colonial history at Strahan and Queenstown.  Visit Woolnorth and Arthur river.
2b (low range) takes you to the East and North coasts, the best places for sandy beaches and warmer weather.  On the way you are likely to encounter cheese, wine, honey, lavender and strawberries as you travel through farming country.
2c is a circumnavigation of Tasmania for long range vehicles.  Includes time in each location to explore the surrounding areas.

Three Week Trips

3a is a circumnavigation for low range vehicles.  Experience the West coast and the central highlands, then spend some time in Hobart and Launceston.  Side trips can be made from Hobart and Launceston, there are plenty of places to visit within range.
3b is a trip for low range vehicles.  Explore Launceston and surrounds, then make your way down the beautiful sandy beaches of the East coast.  In Tasmania you are never far from mountains, but this trip (for the most part) avoids actually driving over them.
3c is designed for long range vehicles.  Don't be fooled by the small number of stops, this trip allows plenty of time in each location because there is plenty to do!  A long range vehicle like yours will allow you to explore to the north, south, east and west of the marked stops.  Plan your side-trips and be sure to leave yourself time to relax now and then.