Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA)     QLD Branch 


The Electric Vehicle Conference & Expo 2018



What is the Electric Vehicle Conference and Expo 2018?

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association Inc. (AEVA) holds its annual AGM. alongside a conference and expo. which is held in a different state each year.  The Queensland branch is proud to be holding this event in 2018.

Following on from a very successful conference and expo. in Tasmania, in 2017. The Queensland conference and expo. will be a first class event, held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank. We are an accomplished group and have held many successful and well run events over the years, and look forward to further raising the profile of all participants and of the industry as a whole.

With major car manufacturers and other sponsors who are involved in the motoring industry, this event aims to specifically present and promote Electric Vehicles.


Some of our goals include:

  • Raising awareness of Electric Vehicles in the trades sector
  • Raising an awareness of the health benefits of Electric Vehicles
  • Sharing of information regarding charging options
  • Encouraging networking opportunities between Electric Vehicle professionals
  • An opportunity for trade professionals to display their products and provide the most recent information to other trade sectors and to the public.
  • Raising awareness of other plug in modes of transport
  • Sharing of global trends of Electric Vehicles and their associated products
  • Not your ordinary Car Show!
  • Helping people to take charge of their lives, with the right information, to go Electric.