Getting Here


The AEVA 2017 EV Fest is taking place in Devonport, Tasmania from 9 November to 12 November 2017.  Spirit of Tasmania is proud to promote travel to this event and is offering participants the best available passenger fares.  Travel with Spirit of Tasmania and you can take your car with you from $89 extra each way.  For the best available passenger fares, you must book via this page:

Please note, there are no charging facilities available on Spirit of Tasmania I and II.  Please ensure your vehicles are sufficiently charged prior to boarding the vessel in Melbourne or Devonport to reach your destination or known charge points en route.  Contact the AEVA EV Fest organisers if you need assistance with this.  We wish you a safe and relaxing journey and hope you enjoy your trip!

Sailing Dates

If you are bringing your vehicle over for the full conference experience, we'd recommend booking to arrive on the morning of the 8th of November.  Our accommodation in Devonport will be available that afternoon.
If you are planning on heading home immediately after participating in the Cradle Mountain Charge, we'd recommend booking your return ferry trip for the 13th of November.  If you really need to hurry then you could make the 12th of November, but you would miss out on the final part of the Cradle Mountain Charge experience.
If you are participating in one of the self-drive tours then we'd recommend booking your return journey for the 19th of November, the 26th of November or the 1st of December.  The tours are designed to allow you to get to Devonport for the evening sailing on each of those days.

You can of course choose to sail any day that you like!  Just book the Spirit of Tasmania using the link above.

Flying to Tasmania

There is a small airport at Devonport (5 km from the accommodation), and another at Wynyard (65 km).  As these airports are small the flights from Melbourne are limited and may be expensive.
The airport at Launceston is much larger, however it is 100km away from Devonport.

We will have some volunteers available to collect people from Launceston and Devonport airports.  If you are arriving and/or leaving at the same time as other people then there is a good change that we can arrange a pickup.  If you'd like to take advantage of this then advise Ray Johnston via email to let him know when you are arriving:  Otherwise you can hire a car at any of the airports.