Anvers at the Waterfront

A collaboration between Igor Van Gerwen (Anvers chocolatier) and Hussein Tas (Waterfront Function Centre chef). 
Infusing Tasmanian produce with Anvers fine chocolate.    
Friday 10 November 2017 at the Waterfront Function Centre.


You are in for a real treat with this chocolate-inspired three course dinner.  Springtime in Tasmania means an abundance of fresh foods of exceptional quality.  Chef Hussein Tas will choose the finest of ingredients to produce an unforgettable meal.  Each course could contain one or more of the many varieties of chocolate from Anvers.  Just because it's chocolate doesn't always mean it's sweet! 

Anvers is a big supporter of electric vehicles in Tasmania, installing the first public charging station in the state.  We decided to reward Igor by putting him to work!  This dinner is organised by the Tasmanian branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association to end our conference on a high note.  It is open to everyone who appreciates good food - don't feel that you need to be an EV fan to come and enjoy.

Friday, 10 November 2017 at 7:30pm
Waterfront Function Centre, 17 Devonport Road, Devonport

Book tickets using the form below.  Vegetarians, allergies etc. are catered for if we are given enough notice.  Just write your requirements in the place provided on the booking form.

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