Cradle Mountain Charge

The Cradle Mountain Charge is a group drive for EVs and plug-in hybrids, to be held on November 12th 2017.  We'll drive from Devonport to Cradle Mountain in a number of stages with plenty of stops for charging.  Stop at Sheffield for breakfast and Gowrie Park for lunch.  Then join us for a reception at Cradle Mountain in the afternoon.  We recommend staying (at least) overnight at Cradle Mountain, although it is possible to make it back to Devonport that evening if you need to.

We've driven the route and gathered data to help you make up your mind if your car/bike/truck can make this trip.  The longest leg is from Gowrie Park to Cradle Mountain, at 39km and 600m elevation.  See below for details of each leg.

Book your ticket via this link.  You'll be taken to our TryBooking page where you can choose from a "Driver" ticket (i.e. including your EV) or a "Passenger" ticket.  A Passenger is anyone who is not driving an EV - you might be an actual passenger, or you might be driving an ICE car.  Both tickets get you lunch at Gowrie Park and afternoon tea at Cradle Mountain.


35km, elevation +300m
8 kWh (Leaf)  9 kWh (DC Conversion)
Arrive between 7:30 and 10:00.  Depart 10:45

This leg is not in convoy, arrive at your leisure between 7:30 and 10:00.  The meeting point is the Redwater Creek Railway, where we'll have some 15A outlets for short range vehicles to charge.

You are free to roam Sheffield at this stop.  Have breakfast at a cafe, then browse the galleries and shops.  Pick up a brochure from the tourist information centre and see how many murals you can find.  The Redwater Creek Steam Railway will be steamed up and ready to take rides.

Assemble at the Redwater Creek Railway at 10:00 for a drivers' briefing and official opening.  Then depart in convoy at 10:45. 

Gowrie Park

16km, elevation +0m
3 kWh (Leaf)  4 kWh (DC Conversion)
Arrive 11:00.  Depart 13:45


This is a fairly leisurely stage - we actually go downhill for a time.  We'll have our film crew ready to capture footage of the convoy moving through the spectacular rural scenery towards Mt. Roland.
When we arrive we'll park at the Gowrie Park Wilderness Village - a caravan park with plenty of 15A outlets for the shorter range vehicles.
Next door is the Old Black Stump restaurant where we'll be having lunch while the cars charge.

Cradle Mountain

39km, elevation +600m
12 kWh (Leaf)  12 kWh (DC Conversion)
Arrive 15:00

This leg starts off up the mountain, only to drop sharply for a time.  Great for regenerative braking!  Then over the river and up the steepest part of our drive.
Once up the mountain the last section is relatively open and flat.

You'll be directed into the far end of the car park of the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre where all the cars will assemble for some victory photos.
From here you can drive or walk the short distance to the reception at the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village.  If you are staying here overnight then plug in -  every cabin has a 15A outlet!  If you are not staying overnight, but still need to charge, the options are limited:  Book yourself into a powered site at the Discovery caravan park for $52, or jockey for the single Tesla charger at the Cradle Mountain Hotel 1km down the road. 
The Visitor Centre, Wilderness Village and Discovery park are all within a few hundred metres of each other, so join us at the reception no matter where you park.

Dove Lake (return)

19km, elevation +75m
5 kWh (Leaf)  5 kWh (DC Conversion)
Departure times are after the reception - to be advised

The road from the reception to Dove Lake is narrow, windy and very scenic.  Our film crews will deploy along the route to capture images as the sun starts to set.  We'll be travelling late in the afternoon to avoid the main tourist times.  The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) have requested that we move in convoys of no more than 10 at a time.  Access to this section is restricted to permit-holders.  If you are joining us on this leg you'll receive more information on the day.
We will be at the lake in the evening, so there will not be much time for exploration.  We'll take some photos and film footage and generally congratulate ourselves on a job well done.  Many of us will come back the next day (via the free shuttle bus) to take a closer look at the scenery via the walk around Dove Lake.

Be aware that to join us on this section of the journey you will need a Parks Pass.  Passes are available ahead of time via the PWS website or can be purchased on the day.  You'll need either a Cradle Day Pass (per person) or a Holiday Vehicle Pass (per vehicle). 

Return to the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village for a well-earned meal of sumptuous Tasmanian fare.  If you are staying overnight (please do!) you'll be able to explore the delights of Cradle Mountain the next day.