Preparing for the EV Era

This two day conference in Devonport will appeal to a wide audience of AEVA members and also many others: government decision makers, utilities, fleet owners, potential hosts for charging stations, equipment vendors and the general public.


The first day will provide an overview aimed at a wide range of attendees, looking at general EV issues.

  • The morning will be a structured presentation of information to those not familiar with EVs and their development.
  • The afternoon will be an exploration of some of the unresolved issues about where and how to proceed.


The second day will have two streams:

  •  The first stream will focus on two topics: charge networks in the morning and fleets in the afternoon. Both should have particular appeal to fleet operators and local and state government staff.

  • The second stream will be of more appeal to our EV ‘hobby’ members covering conversion issues, technical specifications and project reviews.

Register for one or both days.  Discounts apply for AEVA members.  A limited number of people who drive an EV from interstate will attend for free!

Draft Programme, detail: Thursday, 9 November

8:30-9:30   Registration

9:30-9:45   Welcome and kick off, official opening

9:45-10:00   Gold sponsor presentation

10:00-10:30  Break, morning tea

10:30-12:30  Electric Transport – the state of play

3 minute pitch Session sponsor

The global state of play

The Australian scene

Drivers and inhibitors, any incentives out there?

Beyond cars – all the other stuff

12:30-1:30   Lunch

1:30-3:00  Electric Transport – where it is going

3 minute pitch - Session sponsor

The state of battery technology and trends

Charger tech – how fast is fast enough? Wireless anyone?

Trends in cars announced (range, tech, format, $)

EVs and Autonomous cars

3:00-3:30 Afternoon tea

3:30-4:30   Electric Transport – making it fit in

3 minute pitch - Session sponsor

EVs and the grid; load management, etc.

EVs and renewables/EVs and stationary batteries

Other infrastructure: registration, signs, skills, recycling

PHEVs – a long term solution or a passing phase?

The view from government

Panel discussion after the presentations


Draft Programme, detail: Friday, 10 November





















Stream 1
Charge Networks 1

3 minute pitch Session sponsor

The four charge networks - a typology What does a successful charge infrastructure look like?

Charging at home – the options and challenges

Commuter charging

Public networks, fast and slow

Morning tea

Charge Networks 2

3 minute pitch - Session sponsor

Experience of a charge network operator

The role for local government

Who pays for all this?

Hosting a site? What you need to know

The case for low emission EV tourism


3 minute pitch - Session sponsor

EV transition pathway – reduce costs and emissions

EVs in the right roles – the winning formula

Lived experience – I have EVs in my fleet

Training for fleet success

Stream 2 Trucks, buses, bikes
and other specialties

3 minute pitch Session sponsor


Ebike options

Australia Post tricycle trial

Adelaide bus experience


Not on the road

3 minute pitch - Session sponsor







3 minute pitch

Utas racing car

The Thing

Restoring the classic EV

3:15-3:45                                                  Joint session - wrap up and depart


There will be a trade display operating during the two-day conference.  If you are interested in promoting your business or organisation, see our contacts page.